About MyFleetGPS - Fleet Tracking

MyFleetGPS was developed as a result of one of the nations leading service providers looking for a system that not only tracked the location of their fleet, but also helped to increase profits and revenue through asset management.

We spent countless hours researching all of the known solutions available. We found many that would allow fleet tracking and reporting. The problem we found was none were designed to help automate our business. One of the things we were concerned with was that it required someone to manage the information and make decisions as to what to do with the information.

That is where MyFleetGPS was born - as a business solution, not just fleet tracking.

As we annualized our true fleet cost, I was amazed at what it was costing us on a per mile and annual basis.

The foundation of MyFleetGPS was to help the business not buy “another something” that ultimately required more administration cost.

Thank You,
Brett Hobson


  • More Net Profits
  • More Revenue
  • Increase Fleet Life
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction