How It Works

Receiver in vehicle receives information from satellites and locating vehicle within 9 feet anywhere in the world.

From Vehicle - The onboard tracker stores information once per second such as position, speed, fuel mileage, breaking force, acceleration, engine RPM’s, engine temperature, who is driving, etc.

To Vehicle - Assigned location where vehicle is dispatched, user defined messages from office, address and customer name, job information, programming information for Garmin portable GPS.

Information is stored on servers with triple redundant backup in three different locations.

How It Works

Sample System.
Not limited to information shown.
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Vehicle Status is sent wirelessly to servers:

  • Heading change of 30 deg or more.
  • Speed change of 5 mph or more.
  • G force exceeds your specified limits.
  • Engine parameter is exceeded.
  • Change in engine status on or off.
  • Unexpected stop.
  • Vehicle enters into a user defined “Do Not Enter Zone”. (Geo Fence)
  • Vehicle enters into an area you requested to be alerted: home, office, or supply house.
  • Vehicle alarm is activated.
  • Unexpected use such as after hours use of vehicle.
  • Information such as door opened, exceeds temperature limits, etc.


  • More Net Profits
  • More Revenue
  • Increase Fleet Life
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction